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SOLD JNS stainless 270 sujihiki

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Jan 15, 2018
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Canada, eh?
Had this for a couple of years and never really use it. This is the SLD with stainless cladding version. It's called a kasumi finish but it's bead blast or similar. It looks like a wide bevel, but it is a convex grind.

There is a biggish scratch on the right face (pic below) and not sure how it got there.

It has been sharpened a couple of times. Been about a year since I last used it so no real idea of what shape the edge is in.

272 long, 34 high at the heel. 132g.

Comes with box, which has a broken end on the lid (arrived that way). I've had it long enough it no longer has the JNS smoke smell.

Price: $210 $175 $165 CDN, shipped to Canada and ConUS . +$10 to ship to the ConUS. Rest of the world DM me, but with the rates I can get, it's probably not practical.



Pic of the scratch
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I'm sorry "JNS smoke smell"? Does the shop smell like smoke?
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Hi Esoo, I'm Vincent and I am interested your knives. Could you please message me. Good day!