Just ordered the JNS 300 and 1K I'm so excited!

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I've got to blow the dust off my 300. It's been a long time favorite low grit.
I also have the pink brick but don't really like the feedback. Maybe I'm just whining but I hope the JNS 300 will be better. What is your current favorite low grit?
JNS 300 is a very good low grit. I love the how muddy it is, the scratch pattern is fine for it's grit rating, it isn't sticky and provides great feedback.
I can also highly recommend the JNS800. It is relatively soft'ish and needs to soak but it is perfect both for sharpening and for starting the kasumi finish progression :)
Sorry, reviving an old thread. I just found this stone in the back of the bottom of a cabinet that i never look in. I think it’s a jns 300. Does that seem right? It’s sealed with red lacquer on five sides

@daveb @Olsen it’s splash and go, right? Did you soak it a bit before using?

I think the JNS stones are wonderful and very versatile. If I could only have one at each of those grit ranges, I think I would pick them. The one thing to be aware of is that they tend to hide imperfections well. The JNS 800, in particular, will take out lower grit scratches effectively, even out the finish, and give nice contrast. For a working finish, I love the JNS 800. But if you are looking to check your work as you go and want to set up contrast later, with naturals, you might opt for something else, like a Shapton or Chosera.
The JNS is a great quick stone. The 1k doesn't really work for me. It just 'feels' off. I prefer my naniwa 800.

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