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SOLD Kagekiyo 270mm Suji

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Aug 27, 2019
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Got a brand new white 2 270mm suji, comes with magnolia saya. Liked the idea of having one so much, that I have a custom Tadokoro on order. These are usually 325-330 ala JKI and chubo, and both retailers are out of stock. Take a 10% discount and get mine new at $300 shipped. Urushi handle. Specs from Chubo are:
Blade length 270 mm (10.5")
Thickness of spine 2.3 mm
Thickness at tip 0.7 mm

I assume mine is almost exactly like the same, but if anyone needs precise measurements will be happy to grab em.


I have this knife, it is tops.
Kagekiyo do some of, if not the best fit and finish in the game, definitely my favorite stock finishes. I'm just crazy and getting a full mirror polished suji and I don't feel the need to have 2 suji right now. Won't be sad if it stays tho that's for sure!