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Apr 1, 2011
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Anybody have any experience with the relatively inexpensive Kanetsune high carbon knives?
Are you talking about the ones at CKTG listed as "white steel"?

If so, I really can't recall anyone ever mentioning or reviewing them at all.
Kanetsune Minamoto Kanemasa
I don't think they are listed as white steel, and yes they can be found at CKTG. Here's the description.....
"Minamoto-Kanemasa series knives are one of Kanetsune's original product lines. The blade material is the finest grade Japanese high carbon steel, 2N on the market that gives them greater cutting performance. Full tang construction."
Oh yeah, those are known around here...when you just asked about 'Kanetsune' by itself, CKTG has been carrying this brand for a while now, yet the Minamota Kanemasa are only recent additions. They used to be one of the best bang-for-the-bucks around at japan-blades before their price increase.

Pretty sure they use SK-4 and are comparable to the Fujiwara FKH line. I have experience with the FKH knives and liked everything about them except for the reactivity of the steel. However, almost everyone that has a Minamoto seems to like them.