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WTS Kato 210 std

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David M

Jul 9, 2018
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Sadly need to let go of some material.

This was a fun one to play with... but I only used it a handful of times. I've never sharpened it. I'm pretty sure it's the standard grind. I'm asking what I paid, US$900. This includes shipping up to $40 from outside of the US.

Thanks for looking!


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Definitely looks like the standard.
I know it’s a bit early, but wanted to give this a quick bump before the weekend. A couple interests didn’t materialize. I can still ship this out before the holiday!
No Kato love?

How about US$875 including up to US$40 shipping.
Happy New Year KKF!

New year bump and (perhaps the last) price drop. US$850 with the same shipping stipulations.
Bump. Same price (US$850), but shipping fully included CONUS.
Generally speaking, its better if you use PMs for any haggling attempts. As for 'restoration work', just so you know, that patina would take about 30 secs to remove.
And one good meal prep for all the patina to return! Noobs.
And one good meal prep for all the patina to return! Noobs.
Thanks for calling me noobsXD
However I’m col
And one good meal prep for all the patina to return! Noobs.
Lol. You are the first ever call me noob. Who cares what they do with their belongings. Your poor assumption gonna bite you back somedayXD

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