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Aug 2, 2023
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Oslo, Norway
Hi guys,

I would like to share with you what happened to me recently so that you guys do not fall into the same trap.

A couple of months ago I bought several Japanese style kitchen knives from a website precisely selling kitchen knives, with an address based in the USA, but I eventually received from China a fake pair of sunglasses instead!

I do not know if the name of the website is relevant, since it seems to change: it is currently named "newskin-peeler" and still active, continuing their little business with complete impunity (before that it must have been something like cheap-kitchen-knives-store or skin-peelermass).

Now I can see that the content of the website remains the same, along with the contact name Greg Floy "[email protected]" and some link to "YTTO ONLINE STORE Support Team", and they present themselves with the same sort of pitch about being "a team of likeminded people who love the nature and are motivated to make this planet a better place to live for all of us": I believe that the world would be a better place without them...

The same people are also active in other markets, like golf equipment, outdoor equipment and bicycle parts, to cite only a few, and always rip off their clients in a similar way: providing a tracking number for the "order" and when it is delivered, several weeks after it was passed, the client find a fake pair of sunglasses.

In my case the money was taken from my bank account and went to a company named "" (account number 492560******4157).

I initially naively thought it was a genuine shipping error, but I got no answer from these people after I complained, and then an internet search quickly revealed the size of the scam.

I should have done this search before placing my order...

Anyway, if you know a way to report this kind of thieves to relevant authorities, or at least make them stop their illegal activities, let me know.


There're are lot of fake website of legit businesses recently, their address is likely fake so I doubt authority can do much thing. Best way is just to buy established businesses out there.
Although this website exists, their address and bank account also, I guess it will be difficult to track them, especially from where I am
So they win, again and again
Does anyone know if this site is legit, some of the deals seam to good to be true.