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WTS Knife Cleanup (Tetsujin Metal Flow, Takeshi Saji Rainbow, Masakage Yuki, Tsunehisa AUS10 hammered)

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Dec 18, 2019
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Washington DC
So I have had a steady stream of knives arriving to the house over the last few weeks with a few more still on the way. it seems like the right time to let a few go before my wife says something 😅. Open to offers and trades although I would prefer sales, worst I can say is no!

1. Tetsujin Blue 2 Metal Flow Gyuto 210mm. Brand New. I actually just picked this up in the last few weeks and have not used it. I was intending to try it out and add it to the rotation but I realized I bought it on an impulse and would actually prefer it in a 240mm down the road. I have also been really enjoying the SG2 Myojin I picked up recently to take care of my Myojin fix. Includes saya from knives and stones. $420 $400 $390 shipped conus SOLD

2. Takeshi Saji Rainbow Damascus Blue 2 240mm. I used this for a quick dinner prep when I first got it so there is some very light patina starting on the blade. I can clean this up or leave it as is. Still has the original grind/sharpen OOB, I have not sharpened or touched the edge. Beautiful knife but I actually already have another rainbow blue 2 gyuto from Saji in 180mm with a yo handle. $365 $350 $340 $300 shipped conus. SOLD

3. Masakage Yuki 210mm. I picked this up for my wife to use a long time ago but it never really got used and has pretty much just sat around. Still has factory edge and has not been sharpened or messed with beyond a few light onion/potato tests when first purchased. Not pictured, but will ship with a saya that was purchased along with the knife as well. $210 $195 $190 shipped conus SOLD
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Adding another knife to the listing:

4. Tsunehisa AUS10 Hammered Damascus Petty 80mm. This is a really great little knife, especially at its price point. I would keep it but it’s a little redundant with the other paring knives I have and use more often. Basically brand new in box, I opened it and handled it a bit. havent touched the original edge. $70 $60 shipped conus SOLD

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Masakage is SOLD!

Only knife remaining is the Saji Rainbow. It’s a great knife and if I didn’t have another Saji Rainbow (and 50 other knives 😂 ) I’d keep it! Let’s get it to a new home.
Bump! I would like to get this moved so my OCD can be satisfied and I can post the next batch of knives.

$320 $300 shipped conus on the Saji.

Some specs on the knife as well:

thickness at handle: 3mm
thickness at heel: 2.6mm
thickness 1cm from tip: 1.1mm
height at heel: 52.5mm
length: 250mm
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