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SOLD Kochi V2 Gyuto, Konosuke MM Gyuto, Hinoura Suji

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May 6, 2016
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Kochi 240 V2 gyuto with burnt chestnut / buffalo horn octagonal handle. I am the second owner of this knife and purchased it from a respected memeber. The knife is well cared for and has perfect bevels for polishing. The steel is great and it is thin behind the edge while having some heft at the spine and good distal taper. Comes with box. No saya. Iron clad.



Heel to tip: 240.5mm
Weight: 201g
Height: 51.5mm
Spine above heel: 4.3mm
Spine halfway: 2.4mm
Spine 1cm from tip: 1.2mm
Price: $235 shipped domestic / $275 international SOLD

Konosuke MM 240mm Aogami 2 gyuto
w/ octoganal Khii Ebony handle. I am the second owner and the knife was pretty much unused and unsharpened when I received it. I have used it sparingly and have only sharpened it on a natural finisher - no full progression. It has a decent patina that I can remove at buyer's request. This is a early, tall example of this knife and it has a great profile. Super thin tip and kono laser performance. This line had a short run and has not been produced in several years. Comes in original box. No saya. Iron clad.


Heel to tip: 228mm
Weight: 198g
Height: 50.2mm
Spine above heel: 3mm
Spine halfway:2.3mm
Spine 1cm from tip: .7mm
Price: $325 shipped domestic / $365 international SOLD

Hinoura Ajikataya Shirogami 2 270mm sujihiki
w/ oval burnt chestnut handle. I purchased this knife new several years ago from I can't remember where. I polished the bevels but have used the knife very little. I think it's a pretty cool looking knife. Comes with box. No saya. Iron clad.



Heel to tip: 274mm
Weight: 170g
Height: 41.6mm
Spine above heel: 3.5mm
Spine halfway: 2.2mm
Spine 1cm from tip: 1mm
Price: $235 shipped domestic / $275 international SOLD

If anyone needs more pics I'm happy to provide them. Thanks for looking.
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Damn that Kono MM is a steal!!!
dwalker, you've got good taste in knives.

I would have picked up that MM if I had seen this earlier. I would pick up that Kochi if I didn't have one already (I've owned 4 different Kochi V2s and they've all been great).