Konosuke FM vs. Konosuke Tetsujin

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Jan 21, 2021
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South Florida
Hey guys! I’ll get right to the point.
I’ve heard that the Tetsujin line has a thinner and perhaps even superior grind to the Fujiyama.
Its a controversial opinion, I know.
Would anybody who’s used both knives like to chip in on their experience? Thanks!
The original Tetsujin had a slightly thicker spine which I preferred but we are talking about different shades of essentially the same grind. I would not say either is vastly superior to the other
Semi related, new MM just arrived, cut up some carrots for tomorrow braised short rib dish, and initial impression I think I prefer it to both. Feels more like the Tetsujin with a thicker spine, but with an even better weight. Height of only 49-50mm is the only thing I dont love
In my personal experience, the Tetsujin is a bit thinner and IMHO has a better fell when cutting

I do have to say my Tetsujin was bought brand New and my FM in the secondary market, but I would say there is no big difference between the 2

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Phil/Homebutcher has some crazy deals right now. He has this nakagawa myojin blue 1 dammy for $420. The handle isnt for everyone but at that price, knock it off and put a different one on it. This one has a thicker spine, almost 3 mm at the heel. I actually just asked Phil if he had one with no handle and he sold me one for a bit of a discount... This thread made me realize I miss the Tetsujin I sold a while back