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Let me preface the following with the fact that I do not currently own an HD but I do own a white #2 Konosuke. I asked Jon and a few other knife nuts about the differences between the HD line and the White #2's and the profile is the same from what I've gathered. Pictures can be misleading depending on the angle that they are taken when it comes to profile and geometry. The big difference is in the steel, which has the following qualities: easy to sharpen, takes a keen edge similar to carbon, far more resistant to rust than carbon and holds its' edge longer than the white #2. However, let the owners of HD's explain as they have far more experience than myself.

I'm an owner of two white#2 knives from Konosuke that I adore, and I also ordered an HD that I am just waiting to arrive. The only reason I decided to try the HD is that I thought it could be more versatile in the sense that the edge wouldn't degrade as fast with acidic items. However, as a home cook with strict knife maintenance habits, I really don't think there will be a large difference between the two in use (unless cutting up a ton of stuff in one session, then retention would likely favor the HD).

With my experience sharpening other high-end stainless, the white#2 will probably take just a bit better edge though...so I think it is a wash between them. If you want carbon and ultimate sharpness, get the white#2...if you want a bit better edge retention and less worry of wiping, get the HD. These are just broad generalizations, but really the only functional differences you'll probably find.

I will almost guarantee you will be happy either way, as long as you want light, thin and nimble.
Caddy, are we still talking about knives?? :p
So other than the handle, what's the difference? JKI says that they have the same profile, but from the pictures that are up there they don't seem to.

Regular 270:http://www.japaneseknifeimports.com...e/gyuto/konosuke-270mm-white-2-wa-gyuto.html#
HD 270: http://www.japaneseknifeimports.com/kitchen-knives/konosuke-sakai/konosuke-270mm-hd-wa-gyuto.html

Same profile, different steel. Top is white #2, bottom is HD. 24cm wa-gyuto.

Well, my thought is it comes down to reactivity, and blade retention. The HD will supposedly best the white #2 in both categories; but, the white #2 will get sharper, and will achieve that edge easier. Plus, the white #2 is considerably less. ($60 for the 240mm).

As an HD owner it hurts to say this, but I would choose white #2, unless, you are going to use this knife in a fast paced pro setting, where knife care might not be optimal....