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Jan 15, 2018
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Canada, eh?
I figure it's time to gather together some of what little information we have for this knife line. Konosuke can be deliberately secretive about their knives, so having some of this out there can be useful.

Smith: Ms. Mizuki Mori
Sharpener: Myojin Nahito

The line was made in both Blue 2 and Ginsan. I've seen that in at least Blue 2, the gyuto was made in 180,210,240 and 270 lengths. Not sure on the Ginsan.

Ms Mori apparently apprenticed at Shiraki Hamono: .
Translation of the caption here:
Mr. Shiraki is a skilled blacksmith with a very high reputation. (Shiraki is the main supplier to Konosuke). As Shiraki begins to age, a new generation will be phased in. It is therefore extra fun that Shiraki's trust has been placed in this girl, Mizuki Mori, who has been working with Mr. Shiraki and 3 others in the small factory in Sakai outside Osaka. She also warms up by hand and she is expected to gain even more confidence in the future. A little girl power may really be needed in this male dominated industry!

Via the Wayback machine, we can also see some info from the Konosuke site: 若手鍛冶職人 森瑞稀さん MIZUKI MORI YOUNG BLACKSMITH – カネシゲ刃物 (archive.org)

As was general knowledge (and confirmed by Konosuke), she left the industry to start a family.

The only picture I have quick access to as I type this - a 270 in Blue 2

There is a bit of a following around these knives. Myojin's grind on these is a good all-rounder grind - convex at the heel but flat ground at the front to allow for good thin cuts. As a result, these knives make for a good general use knife - pick it up and use it for everything.

Some good info and a recent review here: Two Sakai Blues: Konosuke MM and Takada no Hamono Suiboku Reviewed

All comments (positive and negative are welcome). Would be especially interested to hear to opinions of those that have a Ginsan version.