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Withdrawn Konosuke Tetsujin and HD2

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Feb 13, 2023
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KFF anonymous, today I bring two knives as I need to start trimming down my collection. It has grown exponentially over the last few months and I’m in desperate need of space :). Happy to answer any question.

Kono Tetsujin Blue 2 210mm - $400 – Paypal G&S CONUS Only (we can talk lower price using other payment methods)

LNIB – bought it recently from BST and didn’t use it. This gyuto feels amazing in the hand given it’s weight, however, I decided to go in a different direction with it. I prefer to let this one go where it will be used. Comes with box and Saya

Edge length: 202mm
Heel height: 47.5mm
Weight: 158g
Handle: Khii Laurel mono
Purchased from: BST - Kono Tetsujin

Kono Tetsu.jpeg

Kono Tetsu 2.jpeg

Kono HD2 240mm - $280 – Paypal G&S CONUS Only (we can talk lower price using other payment methods)

The HD2 line is well known at this point. This knife has around 10 home meals on it with a very light patina starting to form but besides that it looks almost brand new. It has been stropped once.

Edge length: 230mm
Heel height: 48mm
Weight: 140g
Handle: Ho wood & Ebony Ferrule
Purchased from: Bernal - Kono HD2

Kono HD2.jpeg

Kono HD2 2.jpeg
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