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WTS Konosuke WT Gyuto W2 225mm PRICE DROP

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Jul 26, 2022
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Atlanta, GA
Hello folks. Coming off my very expensive Sakai trip I am trying to offload 2 knives.

1. Takada No Hamono Suiboku Gyuto B1 240mm. Full disclaimer, this knife has 2 blemishes on it. Some investigation has led me to believe it’s unfortunately from my knife magnetic storage rack. I’ve since switched the rack to one from Pyotr the Bear with leather on it. Lesson learned. Tried to clean it up with semi chrome polish best I could. Bought this knife from here NIB.

This was one of my 2 knives I used every day for every meal, so it has seen use. It has been sharpened a handful of times over the last 2 years but never thinned.

$600 + shipping. SOLD

2. Konosuke WT Gyuto W2 225mm. I won the opportunity to buy this knife from Tosho when they raffled it last year. Comes with a saya too. Another full disclaimer, this knife has some scratches from finishing. Tosho disclosed this on the listing when I purchased. You can see it’s a little rough, but honestly a very very solid knife. I’ve alternated between this and the Takada every day for meals. It’s been sharpened 2x, never thinned. Also cleaned up with semi chrome.

$225 + shipping.

Please enjoy the pictures feat my dog haha. Thanks for looking.


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Either if you’re willing to pay shipping and insurance + for a box long enough to ship the knife. I have the original box but need a shipping box.
I understand, if you’re eu I could maybe afford, us would be too much bc of taxes and shipping

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