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Jan 3, 2013
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Has anyone bought/ used Korins brand shiro-ko kasumi yanagi? If so what's the verdict
Any info will be appreciated
And also does anyone know who makes the current ones vs who made the older ones
I believe the Korin ginsanko line of single-bevel knives are made by Suisin. I don't know who makes the shiro-ko kasumi line, but it's possible that it's also Suisin.

I have a Korin ginsanko kiritsuke that I think is very well made. Love using that knife.
Maybe move this to korins sub forum? I'm sure Mari will be able to help.
Korin's brand single bevel knives have always been great knives - I highly recommend them.
Ok. I think mine is older because its on their clearance page so maybe not Suisin. But if Dave highly recommends them then for the price ( $164 + post) for a 270mm I'm glad I bought it.
I had a white steel Korin Yanagi,used it alot.Came in a Suisin box,so I figured it was made by them.I bought mine almost 8 yrs. ago.I don't see it on their site now,it was a little more expensive than the Shiro-Ko.Even back then paid over 200.00 for a 270mm.Cut alot of fish wt. that blade.164.00 for a Korin 270mm I think you did fine.

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