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WTB LF Sujis

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Jul 13, 2021
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Hey all!

I recently picked up a new position and am in need of a killer Suji. I'm open to suggestions but have a few specifics in mind that I've been after. A few include:

Jiro Suji 240+ (Wa handle preferably)

Konosuku Fujiyama Suji 240+
Konosuke HD2 (prefer Fujiyama over hd2 but know they're harder to come by)

Myojin Riki Suji 240+

Maybe also a Takada Suiboku, Takeda, or mazaki, but the others listed prior are definitely priority over. Thanks everyone. Let's see what's out there.
Bump! Looking specifically for a Fujiyama Sujihiki currently but am still open to what's out there. Thanks all.

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