Looking for a hard 1000 grit stone.

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I just ordered a set of Shapton Kuromaku stones. I purchased a 4-stone set of #1000, #5000, #8000, and #12000, to this I added a #2000. I don't know what use I will have for the #12000 but it was cheaper to get this set than the first 3 stones by themselves.
If you ever hone a straight razor. It will be good for that.
High grit stones are also great for microbevels on chisels and planes if you're a woodworker. When you're working fast and just need a mid-project tune up its nice.

If you hollow grind the primary bevel on something like a Tormek, you don't need to guess on thr microbevels angle, you just slap.it on the stone and the hollow will index the plane to a fixed angle.

Watch this one from 12:45
The Shapton Pro 12k is a bit a special case, with a mix of abrasives as far as I can conclude from the edges it delivers. Similar to Naniwa's Junpaku 8k, with a refined bite. Certainly no polisher.

Any reason to get a Shapton Pro 12k if one already has the Junpaku 8k?

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