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SOLD Manaka 240mm B#2 Tall Gyuto

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Jan 27, 2020
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Manaka 249 x 57mm gyuto
Blue#2 w/ Iron Cladding
Walnut octo handle

For the tall gyuto fans out there. I purchased it new and only used it to prepare 3 dinners at home. I was intrigued by the natural stone finish on this line of knives; more on that later. The knife is forward balanced with a medium 50/50 grind, fully flattened bevels and relatively high shinogi. The profile has a continuous curve throughout, with an average height tip. Taper is comfortable featuring a 4.8mm spine thickness out of the handle that quickly tapers down to 2mm at the middle, and very thin at the tip. Spine and choil are eased, so no sharp points to cause discomfort. It does not seem overly reactive compared to some other iron clad knives I've used like Munetoshi or Mazaki. You can see the blues it's picked up in the photos (note: I put some mineral oil on the blade to show the finish, but the knife has a patina that will become visible after you wash it). The texture on the KU feels durable. There may be some sort of coating on the KU, but I'm not sure as I didn't mess with it.

The finishing on the knife is perfect for anyone wanting to do some polishing. The bevels are already flattened for you. The only thing I didn't like when it arrived was that the original kasumi finish was very coarse, like what you would experience coming off of something like a King 800. This caused a lot of resistance when cutting stuff. I smoothed it out using aoto and suita finger stones to eliminate the drag. I got this along with a number of other tall gyutos to try out, but find myself often preferring a cleaver instead.

$300 shipped & insured within US (international I can cover the first $15, PM for details)
Comes with original box

Blade length: 249mm
Height at Heel: 57mm
Weight: 218g
Balance: approx 40mm blade forward from the heel

Spine Thickness
Handle: 4.8mm
Heel: 3.1mm
Midpoint: 2.0mm
1cm from Tip: 0.7mm







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Keep it for that price, don’t give it away
I mentioned to a couple folks that asked, this knife grind for me feels most similar to my previous #1 knife which was a thinned/modified TF Maboroshi that I spent 15-20 hours working on. It's thin behind the edge, but more of a medium thickness grind as you get higher up the blade. Also it's 57mm tall!