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SOLD Marko and Markin

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Jun 8, 2021
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Shreveport LA
Here's 2 that I am definitely going to regret, but I continue to make questionable life decisions so here we go before I chicken out:

Marko T: 255 x 52 WH. 52100 monosteel, fancywood handle with mokume and bog oak, as well as fancywood saya. Absolute stunner that will be very much missed. I paid $800 brand new, and used it two times. I did touch up the edge extremely lightly on a 4k. I am asking $775 shipped and insured in the US. International we can talk.

Andrei Markin Megahorse Workbeast: 225 x 56. This one is unused, I got it straight from Markin. It is his usual 52100 equivalent with an African Blackwood handle. The steel has some insane banding in it that I tried to get in the video. He shipped it to me wrapped in cling-wrap and oil, and this is the schmutz that you can see in the pictures. This knife is an absolute unit, but somehow still perfectly balanced in the pinch grip. I am asking what I paid, $450.

Please let me know if you can't see the pictures, Imgur has been hit or miss for me recently. Thanks for looking everyone!
It is getting harder and harder to find a Tsourkan in like new condition. Such a great knife and seller!
I have a Markin workhorse that is very similar, but with a slightly different tip profile. It's a beast yet has a really nice balance to it just as you describe here. Marlin's work is fantastic, and shocking at the price point.


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