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SOLD Marko Tsourkan 240WH

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Dec 28, 2020
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Cincinnati, OH

Ready to let go of my 240mm Tsourkan WH. This is a great all arounder knife and has been a favorite for a while despite being a little longer than I prefer. It handles anything you want to throw at it and has great edge retention. I will call out that when it came to me it looks like it might have spend a little too much time in one of those felt sayas at some point and picked up some very light pitting. I buffed it out as best I could and have had no issues with it since owning it. With it all polished up the pitting marks are still slightly visible but near impossible to feel. There are also some swirl marks from buffing. None of this effects performance, but I would hate for it to be a surprise to the new owner. This knife wasn't meant to be collecting dust anyways :). I took a bunch of pictures at the worst angles possible so you can see what I'm talking about with the pitting.

242 x 55mm, 239g
Steel is 52100
D Handle (for a righty)

Looking for $700 shipped US/Canada - DM for anywhere beyond that



  • Tsourkan Right side.jpg
    Tsourkan Right side.jpg
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  • Tsourkan Left side.jpg
    Tsourkan Left side.jpg
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  • Left side swirls.jpg
    Left side swirls.jpg
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  • Left side tip.jpg
    Left side tip.jpg
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  • Left side 1.jpg
    Left side 1.jpg
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  • Tip close up.jpg
    Tip close up.jpg
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  • Right side 1.jpg
    Right side 1.jpg
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  • Right side 1.jpg
    Right side 1.jpg
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  • Right side reflection.jpg
    Right side reflection.jpg
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