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SOLD Merion Forge and Lila Nordanskog

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Jun 8, 2021
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Shreveport LA
Here’s 2 that I am very sad to be selling, but it’s time to make some more room. Both of these are from lesser known makers, but both incredible knives in my opinion.

First is from Merion Forge. It’s a small cleaver/tall nakiri, measures about 175 x 75. It is made out of 1.2562 core with wrought iron damascus cladding. It’s quite heavy for its size at 315 grams and just falls through food. I really think this extra weight give the best of both worlds of cleaver and nakiri. The cladding is very beautiful, I had trouble capturing it in the pics. Some additional polishing (well beyond my skill) will really make it pop. Handle is ironwood with a hammered brass bolster. I used it one time, it has not been sharpened or stropped. I paid $450, asking $400, shipped and insured in the US

Next is a small cleaver from Lila Nordanskog. He’s a lesser known maker from Sweden. This one measures 165 x 85, is made of 26c3 monosteel with a handle of local oak. This sucker can cut. I would put it up against literally anything in my collection. It’s crazy thin at the edge. I’m really only selling this one since I’m starting to drift away from knives of this style in favor of full sized cleavers and gyutos. I won’t be mad if I end up keeping it. I’ve used it 5-6 times, never sharpened. I paid $350, asking $300.

Thanks for looking! Please DM with any questions!
I can vouch for the Nordanskog - I have a suji from him that I love! If this was in the EU I'd be seriously considering it... Maybe I'll just ask him to make me one. :)
What are you getting now? Part of me also wants to ask for another one... If this is too off topic for this thread, just shoot me a message