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SOLD Migoto Cutlery White 2 Chuka Bucho #6 Cleaver

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Jan 29, 2016
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I want to love cleavers so badly. I just have not found the right one. I should have started with a cheap thin one.
This one is a monster. Nice fit and finish. Just too much for me. Has a healthy patina. Never sharpenend

$420 shipped CONUS only.

Migoto Cutlery White 2 #6 Chinese Cleaver
Shirogami #2, iron clad, Edge length 225mm, height at the middle 109mm, weight 450 grams, handle Octagonal Ebony

Description from migoto:

Hitachi White #2 core steel forge welded between soft iron cladding. Forged by one of Sakai City's most renowned blacksmiths and ground by a highly skilled sharpener, this cleaver is a heavy but thin vegetable chopping machine. This blacksmith's heat treatment process brings out all the best qualities of White #2, this Chukabocho can be easily resharpened to a very fine yet toothy edge.

DM me directly if interested.
Someone needs to buy this quick. I was going to pick up one up at full price when Migoto had them in stock, but I prefer western/slab handles on my cleavers and I have a thinned out Sugimoto and Suien VC that perform similarly, although only after hours of work. The grind and fit and finish on this one are lightyears ahead of them OOTB.
Save me @Jville, you’re my only hope!
You should of bought this one bill. Didn’t you want a Fujiyama cleaver? If so this would of been somewhat similiar and in the same class. This one was probably never in the cards for me since I have 3 Tanaka #6s, white 2 Fujiyama, blue 2 fm, blue 1 migoto. And I will say the blue 1 migoto is phenomenal! They are definitely in the same class as the Konos imho. Interesting thing about the white 2s is they seem to be the lightest. My white 2 Fujiyama is the thinnest grind and lightest of the bunch. And this white 2 seems lighter than my blue1.