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Withdrawn Migoto White 1 240 (most recent batch)

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Bico Doce

aka Big Dice / Bocce Ballz / Big Douche
Mar 30, 2020
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Hey KKF,

I would like to sell my Migoto White 1 240 that I purchased in Feb 2022. I have used this knife < 10 times and stropped it once on a felt strop. It has a vinegar etch applied and a patina forming on top of that. Although it is iron clad I have found with the etch the reactivity is quite manageable. I upgraded the handle because the one was not great imho. Performance is great and has that Toyama-ish quality to it - thin bte, thick spine beautiful convex to bring it together.

Here are the specs:
Nakagawa x Kawakita Hamono
223 x 53 mm
210 grams
Shirogami 1, iron clad
Handle: maple burl made by @birdsfan

Asking $550 shipped and insured in US (I know they sell for less than this from Migoto but with shipping to the US + the handle, I will still be taking a loss at this price)





Heading to the post office tomorrow and I probably should have priced this more aggressively. Let’s see if we can get this deal done.

$500 shipped/insured conus
How’s the performance on this knife?
I would say it is very good. You can see the taper on the spine is not too pronounced so the tip is a bit stouter but I found it to do very well with trimming proteins. The grind is well executed and even with the added thickness at the spine it is a very smooth feel as you cut thru ingredients. It is an excellent knife.
Not trying to give you the hard sell here. Of course there’s always “if it is so great why are you selling it?” question.
Tbh, I bought it on impulse and now I’m trying to raise funds for another impulse buy and my other knives are harder to replace than this one.
I was able to raise the necessary funds for my next purchase without having to sell this so Im going to withdraw it. Thanks to everyone that took a look!