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May 12, 2022
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ACT, Australia
How's your experience using moribashi?

The best moribashi you ever tried (comfort, balance and type of wooden handle or others)?

The right size and weight according to your experience with moribashi?

I have 2 moribashi from Sakai Takayuki and Sakai Kikumori.

1. Sakai Takayuki 210mm with ho wood and water buffalo horn. This one is my first moribashi so I grab the 210mm. They said " the longer is better" 😅
This one is just a regular moribashi without a fancy handle. I feel it is a bit too heavy, weight is more than 100 grams if I'm not mistaken.

2. Sakai Kikumori 180mm with Ho wood and blonde horn. bought this month and 180 feels like a perfect size for me, not too long nor too short. It weighs 37 grams. I think I'm going to use this one for my main moribashi.

How about you guys? Upload some photos, share your experience using moribashi, maybe you make your own moribashi and want to share some of the pictures so we can take a look on what you have been working on.

Your information can be helpful for someone who wants to get one or try moribashi for the first time.
Sakai Kikumori 180mm.
Weight 38 g
Perfect weight for me and this is the lightest moribashi I've ever come across and tried.

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I love Ho+Blonde horn. No experience with Moribashi, but love your set.

I've got a Konosuke HD2 and Myojin 240 gyuto with that same outfit. Lookin good!