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Oct 31, 2022
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New Jersey
I’m new and happy to be here. I’m looking forward to seeing and learning about new knives . I’m a chef and knife enthusiast.. I love food, knives , foraging wild edibles and good karma.

I have over 50 knives to date . I’m wondering about buying from modern cooking website? Does anyone tips or information about ordering from modern cooking websites?? For me ?

I’m looking at a spare and Huber knife for my collection..!! Thought or information ??
Welcome! I’m originally from NJ. Missing it more and more!
Welcome Philly! I bought a Spare from the Modern Cooking site, one of their MCX custom projects. I have nothing bad to say about the transaction or the knife. Spare makes a great knife that performs above its price point, and the Modern Cooking buying experience was a pleasure. They shipped promptly and packaged well. I am not completely certain, but I am pretty sure I received the knife in less than a week.
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Welcome! I’m originally from NJ. Missing it more and more!
Yes I agree I am loving it all! Lived in New Jersey year ago too ..! Working in NYC and then 17 years cooking in Philadelphia followed by three years in DC ..! Back to Philadelphia and now I’m at the beach . Cooking fish and yes I have many large knives to cut lots of fresh fish ..!! 240-360 mm up ..!! Lol surfing every morning it’s awesome..!! Thank you for the wonderful welcome everyone..!! Cheers

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