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Oct 4, 2023
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Washington, DC
I finally got the gang all together for a group photo:

From left to right:

Tanaka Kyuzo Blue #1 Migaki Gyuto 240mm
Togashi White #1 Stainless Clad Gyuto 210mm
Kikuichi VG10 Warikomi Damascus Santoku 180mm
Tsukiji Masamoto Aogami Petty 130mm
Carter Blue Super laminated with stainless Kiritsuke 140mm
Carter Blue Steel Core laminated with Gokunan-tetsu Funayuki 190mm
310 Knife Co. W2 carbon with hamon Gyuto 200mm
Vachon AEB-L stainless Nakiri 210mm

I also have some older Henkels Pro S knives in my block that my spouse or others who aren't into knives can use. But, these are my main knives that I use. My most used knife is the Kikuichi santoku. It was one of the first non-German steel knives that I bought and it has a nice feel to it and has been super easy to keep sharp.

The Vachon Nakiri is my most recent purchase and it is a BEAST. It's massive for a nakiri. Which is perfect for me, I was torn between a nakiri and cleaver and was looking at some tall nakiris and mini-cleavers but nothing caught my eye. Then this beauty showed up in Noah's latest drop and I knew it was the answer. I cut up a lot of cabbage and the 210mm x 66mm blade makes quick work of a head in no time.