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SOLD Nakagawa Ginsan 240 Gyuto (Price Reduced)

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May 20, 2019
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Victoria BC Canada

I picked up this knife out of interest when Nakagawa took over Shiraki Hamono. I was curious about how it stood up to other knives I had acquired from Shiraki Hamono and I was quickly satisfied of its superior quality and f&f. I have only used it to slice test an old russet potato, and I must admit it came in towards the top of all knives that I’ve put through the Naughty Schoolboy thread. Satisfied of its quality I’ve come to realize that I’m just not going to use this knife and will set it free for another to enjoy. I just have too many gyutos on my rack and some nice ones will have to go to help pay for some fancy incoming knives.

I’m looking for $395 USD shipped and insured to the USA and International. The price will be a little less to a Canadian buyer as I save a bit with local fees. Let’s try $380. $380 isn’t working … let’s try $325 plus shipping.
It’s a nice knife and definitely worth the price n

The knife is forged from Ginsan (Silver) 3 steel with a very nice octagonal wa handle and Buffalo horn collar. It has a blade length of 243mm, an edge length of 230mm, depth at the heel of 50mm; thickness at the spine of 3.16mm, mid blade 2.66mm, and 1” from the tip of 1.83mm. It weighs in at 206gms.

Here are a few pics …






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It's even better than that, it comes with the perfect indented ramp to prop knives up on their edges seemingly uncaring that it could take the fall down what seems to be a pretty decent height... slicing some passerby cleanly in half along the way.

Edit: which happenstance, as we all know, would elicit any one of us to run down the stairs there and going straight to the knife hoping it has not been harmed in any way. Pick it up, furtively look both and all ways, run back up.
... Wash it.

EDIT: And GLWS.... not Slaying but Sale... of course.

Althoug if ever a person homonymous with "french fries with cheese and gravy" would happen downstairs I'll stick with the slaying thing.
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One of the best you can get in stainless.
Fully agree. I have heard that nakagawa does something for baba wa cutlery kagekiyo ginsan lines too? (I wish you could get 270mm sakai length ginsan gyuto in Europe but I wasnt able to find it)
Despite my best efforts I still haven’t moved this nice knife into my rotation. Time to move it to a more appreciative home. Let’s try $380 shipped and insured beyond Canada. A little less to Canadian buyers because I save a bit on shipping.

As is my current policy I will make a small donation to KKF upon sale.
Surprises me too. The market seems soft for quite a large cross section of knives. When dollars are short, prices must fall. Economics 101.
I guess with exchange rates these days it's tougher for anything priced in US dollars to compete with yen/euro/etc. prices. In any case: beautiful knife, GLWS!
Surprises me too. The market seems soft for quite a large cross section of knives. When dollars are short, prices must fall. Economics 101.
Honestly I think this would sell fast on Reddit/FB. I think people here are too stocked up. This is clearly a great price for a great knife but I already have so many great knives