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WTS Naniwa Aotoishi 2K (Green Brick of Joy) + Horse Butt Strop

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May 8, 2016
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Hey all,

The aotoishi is 99.9% new - I just used it to sharpen and polish the wide bevels of a petty knife (used backside). Leaves a beautiful finish honestly, especially for a 2k stone -- only selling to consolidate as I have also picked up some natural stones that do an even better job at polishing.

Also including a double sided leather strop - one side being fuzzy and coated in white compound while the other is a naked piece of vegetable tanned horse butt. This has also barely been used - stropped two knives one time each. Leather pieces measure about 2 &3/8 x 10 inches. Strop alone was $45 from etsy (seller = stroppingman). Selling the strop simply because I was new to leather strops, wanted to try them, and ultimately found I just prefer burr removal on finer water stones.

Asking $85 via paypal (fees and shipping included in price).