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Feb 28, 2011
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New products that i will have regularly in my store.
Some of them i choosed on my trip in Japan.
I will expend my stock with time and cary more different products.
I try to select things to my store that i will use my self !! Very small selection but quality products.

Here you go:

"San Aoto:" (for razors)

Finale i have found Aotos that is usable for razors !!
The narrow size is very nice to use on Kamisoris or Western razors.
Grit lv is approx. 2-5k make them super nice Naturals for prepolishers.

I have searched very long time to get these quality Aotos as you know i was very skeptical how slow and inconsistent they are.
It was impossible for me to find very good Aotos and smooth to be used for razor honing.
But these ones is different they are super nice to use on razors very consistent without any lines or hard inclusions.
Hardnes and grit lv is higher then regular Aotos !!

Size: 200mm 40mm 40mm


I ordered 5 of them to start with but 4 of them is already sold ao there are only 1 of them for sell now.
I will get 10 more next week

"Japanese Cordovan Razor Strop:"

Llama brand razor strop. Tokyo Japan
Made from finest hors hide (cordovan)

Size: 600mm 66mm 2,5mm




Etudou Kuri Kogatana 130 mm


Kuri Kogatana is usually used as tool to cut in wood or leather.
But i find this fine and very precision blades to work super nice for other tasks in the kitchen too.
They are super sharp as razors.
This one is made from White 2 steel in Sanjo by Etudou blacksmith handmade and forged.
Fit and finish of that blade is very good spine is rundet saya is made from ver nice Ho wood !
Very clear and haze lamination line !

JNS 1000 grit


It performs well across many steels, stainless to carbon, with an improved scratch pattern as RC increases. It can be used splash and go, but I found that a 20min soak does well. It produces amounts of slurry in between the shapton and chosera 1k, with soaking increasing its slurry production. It is faster than other 1k's (chosera, shap pro, shap gs), but because it so closely mimics a JNAT, its scratch pattern varies depending on how it is used. Without slurry, it is still fast, but leaves deeper scratches, but better than the shapton and chosera. With slurry, the speed and scratch pattern improves significantly. Overall, I feel this stone is a gem. It is versatile, fast, and easily followed by a medium JNAT, making it a perfect bridge between the coarse synthetics and medium naturals. The JNS 1k would also do well for someone beginning in natural stones because it mimics them well, while being cheaper, faster, forgiving of someone who is just beginning to expand their knowledge.

"Genno (Japanese Hammers)"



Genno and Daruma Japanese Hand Forged hammers from Niigata, Sanjo !
Hammers are made with a soft wrought iron body with forge welded hard carbon steel faces. This softer body acts as a shock absorber taking stress of hammering.
More expensive Genno and Darumas is made have soft steel cores wrapped with hard steel shells.
Daruma hand hammer is with broader surface.

I can get all different sizes and weight.

Email me for prices and selection !

Thats it for now many more products to come :D

Thank you for your suport !!
I have the Aoto is it a very nice stone , definitely rare quality unlike all the crappy stock that is currently available, mine is pure no cracks, inclusions feels very very smooth for a ~3k stone.

I also have the 1k stone it is so far my favorite, very very shiny finish, extremely compact so it dishes slow.

The strop is very very good it is very smooth but has nice draw, it is my current strop.

Finally the kogatana is great too, perfect tool for craftsman work, very nice FF, and is very well made.

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