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Feb 28, 2011
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This is one big knife; 225mm. This is a Nenohi high kasumi with ebony handle. It has a very slight belly to it which surprised me in comparison with my Suisin ginko 210 which is dead flat.


Beautiful knife, Seth. Did you get it from Korin or through a different route? Have you had a chance to use it much, and if so, how does it feel/cut?
I'm a fan of my usuba but compared to this it is a last place knife. Very nice looking let us know how it cuts and takes an edge.
This one came through Korin. They told me this was the only size currently in stock at Nenohi so I asked them to put on an ebony handle and send it along. Interestingly there was some delay; apparently much of the stuff coming out of Japan needs to be checked for radiation.

OOTB it is sharp but in a few days (I only have 24 hours into this so far) I will give the tiny micro bevel a bit of polish to thicken the edge just a bit. It passes tomato tests - and another thing I look at is the horizontal cuts on shallots - slides right through half dozen times to allow a super fine dice. I like the size and weight (156 grams) which lets the knife do the work with a nice relaxed hand. That large bevel on a knife this size creates a really acute edge which is the whole purpose of a Usuba but might be a bit fragile, hence my initial inclination to widen the micro bevel.

I will post more impressions and better pictures after some time living the knife.