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Jul 20, 2022
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Just saying hello! Long time reader and have spent a couple months soaking up some of the vast amounts of knowledge available here. After owning only 2 shun knives for the last decade, and as a lover of all things knives since adolescence, ive decided to delve deeper into the kitchen knife world. After countless hours reading the forums here ive already purchased 4 gyutos in the past 2 months, a set of sharpening stones, a new cutting board, and a new stand (previous magnetic strip was metal). Think i need to take a bit of a break 😅 and start to practice with what i have and learn more about what im looking for from a chef knife.

I can already tell this is going to be a dangerous endeavor on my wallet (much like when i first discovered my love for watches), but ive really enjoyed reading thus far and looking forward to participating in the future.
Welcome to the forums, DrD

Tell us about the knives and related gear that you have bought.

And relax, after the tenth knife, your wallet doesn't feel a thing 😇😊
Welcome Homie! There are a bunch of local enthusiasts on the forum.

You are right about your wallet being in peril. This is a fascinating hobby, with much more nuance than I would have imagined. The way each artisan shapes, heat treats, grinds and sharpens has an impact on the way the knife feels in use and while being sharpened......but there are so many makers to experience!
Welcome to the forums, DrD

Tell us about the knives and related gear that you have bought.

And relax, after the tenth knife, your wallet doesn't feel a thing 😇😊

So thus far ive added a Yu Kurosaki Senko 210 with a custom handle from jobone. A Nigara Hamono 210 with a western handle. A Middleton made stainless gyuto i purchased for my father as a birthday gift (hes an incredible home cook who’s been using a Cutco set all his life) And most recently a Konosuke Sumiiro 210 which just came in, so i havent cut with her yet. Have a Kono Tetsujin in the mail, and am waiting on a Denka Gyuto to be made direct. Also talking to Julian about a Kippington laser. I’ll try and upload a family photo soon.

As far as related gear i grabbed a Shapton glass set a few months back, 500 and 2k, and the stand for it. Bought a wooden knife stand from chubo for display. Custom handle or 2 from Etsy. And lastly a leather strop on amazon. I think thats it lol
First attempt at Choil Shots 🤷‍♂️. New Guys on the Left and the Old Shuns on the right.

From L to R:
Kurosaki Senko
Nigara Hamono
Kono Sumiiro
Shun Blue
Shun Fuji

We got much to look forward to this season! It should be fun to watch if you are wearing green and white!

By the way....sounds like you have a pretty good start on your collection already. I am a recent Denka convert, think you will like it when you get your hands on it!
On both this one, a 210, and the wa 240 I have, it felt like the handle was set back just a bit too much. On this rehandle, I set it forward so that the notch just accomodates my finger. It created a much more comfortable/natural grip. I am working on a similar one for the 240, but in African blackwood.

Just noticed your Sumiiro. You may love that one too. First time I used mine on a big Spanish onion was one of those "whoooooaaaaaa" cutting moments.