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SOLD Newham Magnacut 240 Gyuto (price drop)

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Aug 27, 2019
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This is a super special knife. Literally the only reason I am selling is because I was lucky enough to get on Will's list for a custom, and I feel like I don't need to hoard 2.

This knife is so good, that my new one is going to be very similar...mainly doing a new order because I want a saya, and Will didn't have time to make a saya for this one when I bought it direct.

This is Will's first Magnacut knife and it's a homerun. 64HRC, a beautiful and super rare birdseye rainbow rosewood handle, museum fit brass bolster, very thin convex grind, perfect size, etc etc.

Knife is in great shape. Has had a full progression done once, and touched up once on a high grit stone. BESS score right now is 215 which is plenty good for me, but could def get down to sub 100 with a sharpening. Conservatively I give the knife an 8.5/10 on condition, there are a few very light marks and scratches, see the video. Only other thing to note is the brass pins are very slightly proud of the handle, not a bother to me, might be better in your humidity, could be sanded down quite quickly, or just leave it.

238mm edge
53.5mm height

$900 $860 shipped in the US, message for international.





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