Nigara Anmon or different lines of SG2?

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Apr 24, 2020
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Wondering if anyone has tried or seen the differences in the SG2 models. I have a KU tsuchime and thinking about the Anmon (raindrop pattern). Based on choil shots it looks like the KU has more of a wide bevel grind and the Anmon has a gradual convex. There’s also a plain Damascus at real sharp and toGo.
I have one of the Nigara Anmon in the deep etch finish (can’t help but wonder if I should’ve just picked up the high polish one as well as it was before the big price raise) & I can speak to its performance as top notch. Great grind, classic profile, steel is on point, and very tough. Subtle convex grind that’s authoritative with a great weigh and still thin behind the edge, it’s conveys confidence for sure. I’ve only needed to sharpen it twice in the 2+ years I’ve had it, the edge life is really remarkable and remains toothy as it degrades. And in line with all Nigara knives, the f&f is fantastic as is the whole package. Tbh I didn’t expect to love it as much as I do, especially with the collection I have, but having at least one stainless knife that was actually decent was the primary goal since selling my Tanaka ironwood. It’s now used as my main prep knife at home and is a real win as the wife enjoys it for the stainless aspect. Hope that helps.