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WTS Nigara Aogami Super Gyuto 210

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Jan 17, 2022
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Nashville, TN
Hey guys, selling my Nigara Aogami Super Matte Migaki Tsuchime Gyuto. (That’s what it’s called but I would call it Kasumi and Tsuchime)

Fantastic knife, in excellent condition, just one hairline saya scratchand beautiful, colorful patina on the cutting edge. This knife has a nice stiff spine and then aggressively tapers down to stupid thin BTE. Definitely not a delicate knife though (surprisingly). The heat treat on the AO super feels excellent, sharpens up very quickly and holds an edge very well. The knife is San mai constructed, stainless clad. The hammer used for the Tsuchime finish is sort of wave shaped which makes a very unique looking blade and helps with food stickage.

This is a super fun, cool knife and I truly still love it, just have to make room for new toys.

- Hand forged by Tsuyoshi Yoshizawa
- Hand ground, hand sharpened
- San mai construction, Aogami super core, stainless clad
-Length 210mm, measured from the end of the handle, as are all of Nigara’s knives.
-Height 49mm at the heel
-Weight 156g
-Spine thickness ~3mm (don’t have calipers) right above the heel
-Very very thin at the tip
-Handle: Wenge with black buffalo horn ferrule
- Overall length 343mm

-will throw in a brand new Edro saya fit for the knife for an extra $15

As I said this is an awesome knife. Whoever decides to take it will certainly not be disappointed.

$200, CONUS preferred, intl please message me