Older, smaller Henckels.

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Jul 22, 2017
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SW Floriduh
I got these two within the last couple months. Had to do a little work on them and here they are finished, or mostly so. My guess on age is 1950s-70s.

What do you think of the zig-zag blade? Is that for decorating cakes like some say?
I think the handle is way too close to the edge for that to be functional. Not to mention the 3 inches of zig (or zag, take your pick) isn't that much to work with considering cakes are usually higher than 3 inches.
So what's it's function?

If you scroll to 2:38 in that video you can see Wusthof used to make something similar
Maybe? Problem is it's unsharpenable, unless you have some fine jeweler's files or the like.
I did however take it to work and used on a small carrot. It certainly worked but the handle has zero board clearance.
You don`t need board clearance with knifes like this, maybe you don`t need it at all with any knife. You don`t even have to sharpen knives like this because it is meant to cut/push cut cooked stuff. So no sharpness needed.

I know other chefs cutting with super small knifes without knuckle clearance at all on small boards....