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Traded or WTT Antzenberger [AVAILABLE] and Radiona Breg [SOLD]

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Aug 2, 2022
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Hello Friends,

Offering two amazing knives today for sale or trade. Both are really excellent performers. They are:

Evan Antzenberger
Length: 248mm
Height @ Heel: 60mm
Weight: 318g
Spine Thickness @ Handle: 4.96mm
Spine Thickness @ Heel: 4.59mm
Spine Thickness Midblade: 3.05mm
Spine Thickness 2cm From Tip: 1.46mm
Steel: 135Cr3
Construction/Grind: Honyaki, Flat to slight convex
Handle Length: 134mm
Handle Material: Gidgee and Mother of Pearl (Hidden tang western construction)
Overall Length: Approx 385
Balance Point: Approx 50mm in front of handle
Condition: Used, very good. Some patina has formed. Still has original edge from Evan, never sharpened or stropped by me.
Sale Price: $995
Trade Value: Discuss in DM

This knife is amazing. Nice forward balance, thin behind the edge, glides through produce. Handle is gorgeous and comfortable. I'm offering it here because I have another Antzenberger, combined with the fact that I have several other knives that compete in this size/weight class that I find myself using more. Originally purchased from Evan and sale price is exactly what I paid, with import duties included.

Radiona Breg SOLD
Length: 240mm
Height @ Heel: 60mm
Weight: 255g
Spine Thickness @ Handle: 12.62mm
Spine Thickness @ Heel: 5.46mm
Spine Thickness Midblade: 3.18mm
Spine Thickness 2cm From Tip: 1.03mm
Steel: Apex Ultra
Construction/Grind: Monosteel, convex workhorse
Handle Length: 120mm
Handle Material: Walnut
Overall Length: Approx 382mm
Balance Point: Approx 31mm in front of heel
Sale Price: $560
Trade Value: Discuss in DM

This one is a catch and release. Don't get me wrong, I love literally everything about this knife. It has goldilocks specs all around. Perfect height/lenght/weight, beautiful rustic handle, great balance, cuts like a dream, in an amazing, state of the art steel, with a perfect flatish, low tip profile... WHY DON'T I CONNECT WITH THIS KNIFE?! I have no idea, but I just don't get that electric feeling when I pick it up. I'm hoping I can sell or trade it to someone who will cherish it, as it deserves. Original sale post is here. Comes with walnut saya. Sale price is calculated as [ (Original Price / 0.97) + $20) ]. This takes into account Paypal G&S fees along with approximate shipping. Still a hell of a deal if you ask me.

Prices include Paypal G&S fees, as well as shipping and insurance to continental US. 3% discount available for feeless payment options Willing to ship international, but shipping costs beyond $15 would be passed on to the buyer. We can discuss in DMs.


Looking for Shihan, Markin, Heldqvist, or Takada B1 270

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