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Feb 10, 2020
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Hi all: I got Kenji's new wok book and am thinking of buying outside wok burner. I have a wood deck and am concerned about the heat. Can you recommend something to go under the wok so the deck won' tcatch on fire. A very large corderite stone would be hugely expensive.

TIA for any suggestions.
Put it on a table. Mine goes on a small folding aluminum table from ALPS Mountaineering.

I assume you're talking about a high output gas wok burner and not one of those charcoal jobbies.
durock cement board is probably cheapest
I'm currently using a 7KW Wob burner on a fake wood garden table....7KW ain't enough, even the table can cope with it.

Wok burners ought to direct heat to the wok not the underside and your stir fry duration over crazy heat is measured in seconds not hours, I think a table with a stone top, metal top should do fine.
My burner came with a stainless disk or plate to sit beneath the burner to help diffuse the heat to minimize damage. I still wouldn't really want to use only that on a wooden surface -- at least, not with much frequency or duration. The metal folding table is nice because you can pack it up and break it down without much fuss.
I don't have a wooden deck, but I've used these commercial kitchen work tables for my outdoor kitchen with wok burner. Lots of different sizes and they've held up really well outdoors for years.


I have a tripod stand that I bought with my wok. I place the stand on a concrete slab and the burner on top. I've used it with some dry grass under the wok (not my brightest moment...) and there wasn't any problem. I'd bet that dead, dry grass is more flammable than your deck :p.

The biggest fire risk I think is the oil igniting. If you're on a wooden deck, you might just have to wait for it to burn it self out. So, I would get a lid for your wok. If you're buying a wok, make double, triple sure you get a non-teflon one. I thought I double checked when I bought one online and I still ended up with teflon.
okay. promise not to laugh. i use an old water fountain with a paving stone on top. about as elegant as a fart, but dang it if it isnt the perfect height and everything. i have a vintage "dragon pot" that i should use. the pots origins was to cure those chinese century eggs, but i have been using them to grow (legal) pot for fun. i dont smoke. haha. it is usually set up on my wood deck, but during the winter i have it in my sideyard for some weather protection. i have yet to move it for the season.

hahha..yes. oil spatter EVERYWHERE. park the wok somewhere strategic.

took a better pic

wok1 copy.jpg