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Mar 1, 2011
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I use to have a Kyocera FK-75-BK Paring Knife 3"

I loved everything about it, but well...its ceramic...and now its chipped.... Anyone like to suggest a replacement?

Stainless if posible :)
I would love the same profile and geometry...

Any bladesmiths up for the challange?
You need to hook up with Michael Rader. I'm currently using an Ikon Blackwood paring that I love.
Maybe an Asai Enji Damascus Paring Knife - Petty - 3 in. (75mm)?

Thanks for info. The one I liked the most is the Asai Enji Damascus Paring Knife.

No maker will take a order on a parer as it will be to expensive. I have no orders at Rader, so I cant ask for a parer. I have asked Pierre for one, as I have orders at him all ready. I would love a Bill Burke, but I guess he is occupied for a long time. I will let you all know what I end up with. God Damn; I loved my Kyrocera.
I will aks Marko as well. He might be up for a challange. Anyone interested in a group buy in this from Marko?
Let say 10 people in 52100 HrC 63 ?
Not sure yet :)
Will be back with info :)

Never the less, I have to stop ordering knives. My GF ask me if Im mentally challenged...
Got a mail from Bill Burke today!!!!

Seams like a parer is heading my way soon!
Im sooooooooooooooooo happy!!! :) :):)!!!