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WTS Pheer 454 2x72 grinder (USA Mid-Atlantic/Southeast)

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Jul 21, 2015
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Model: PH 454 2 x 72 belt grinder with flat platen & tool rest 1 .5 hp motor, & SM Vector variable speed controller (upgrade)

Just putting out feelers to see if anybody is looking for a very lightly used 2x72 grinder. I don't want to ship this thing because it would be freight and expensive, so I'm ideally looking at someone in the NC/SC/GA/VA/TN regional area that I can simply drive it out to them (I'm in Western NC). I used this for some handles and a bit of metal work. It is wired for 110ac at the moment, but can be rewired for 220. It's got an upgraded variable speed controller that's programmable with ramp up/down speeds/times as well as other things that I haven't really delved into. Comes with the Pheer platen as well as a quite expensive custom made adjustable one that can be set at an angle which I'm throwing in for free because it's in need of some rust removal (my shed leaked last winter and I didn't notice until too late).

The grinder cost $1650 new. I'd be looking for $1100-1200 give of take, depending on transport distance and ease of transaction generally.

Shoot me a message if you want pictures/video etc or with any questions or interest.

Good grinder.
I have used a pheer 454 for about 4 years now and have no complaints.
Over 100+ kitchen knives, 100+ outdoor knives, and 400+ wa handles.
Great price.