Plastic in Sous Vide. Pressure Cooker vs Steam Oven?

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Mar 6, 2016
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I am giving up my sous vide which is my favorite way to cook meat because I am worried about the plastic. I don't trust companies or the FDA to tell me that cooking in plastic is safe.

What would be a good alternative? I've never used a pressure cooker but I do have a Miele steam oven.

The steam oven definitely isn't as good from a taste perspective but does the job. Not sure how much plastic is involved...probably some of the tubing. The water tanks are also plastic.

Should I consider a pressure cooker? If so which one? Kuhn Rikon make some. Fissler makes something called a "pressure skillet".

Sous vide is used to cook foods at precise, often very low, temperatures. Pressure cookers cook food at very high temperatures over which you have little control. They're not comparable techniques and don't yield comparable results. A combi oven is the closest thing to a circulator if you want to achieve SV results without a bag. I don't know what the temperature and humidity control is like on your Miele, but the ANOVA Precision Oven is the best 1800W countertop unit for bagless low temp cooking. The reservoir is plastic, as I'm sure are much of the internals. Doing away with plastic altogether is a fool's errand, but if that's what you want to do, maybe you should give up trying to cook food precisely at low temperatures.
My Miele is a combi-steam oven. I suppose I should just stick with that