Playing around with Stop Motion (knife assembly video)

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Johan Grönstedt
Nov 19, 2020
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Stockholm, Sweden
As probably a lot of you guys I came to making knives as a creative outlet.

I like the process around making knives, choosing steels, handle materials and now lately also the photography of a knife.

From some colleagues I got the feedback that they would like to see some behind the scenes content on my insta - I liked the idea but felt that my shop environment is really rather dirty and not very inspiring... There the idea of a stop-motion movie was born. Honestly took me more time to create the video versus the knife, but really fun learning new techniques!

This whole project is a gem of a story, one of those come from behind big-wins.

Let me present the little knife that could, the one that defeated all odds.
It came out so much better than I went in.

Originally the billet was intended for a different, much larger knife. But sometimes skill and ambition are two different things and the steel had to take a time-out.

I was not angry, I was disappointed.

But every time I would plan a new project, the mangled little thing kept looking at me, longing for its chance for redemption. Promising to behave, if given the chance.

That got me thinking, I had some other material in the “didn’t really do what I wanted pile” of the workshop. Some Cocobolo wood that kept eating sandpaper since before my BIG grinder-days and some really over the top glitterly inlay stuff that never really ended up looking the way that I hoped it would...

A plan was forming. The redeemer was born.

In a way it assembled itself, much as in the stop motion thingie that no joke took longer than the knife to make…

★ Tall Utility Knife, 16cm blade, 28cm with handle, 45 mm at heel
★ Steel: Stainless Damascus VG10 core at HRC 60
★ Handle: Cocobolo with sparkling wonderful tapered inlay


  • stop motion 5.mp4
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Very cool and love that handle!
Thanks! Here are some of the shots from the shoot in full res :)