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WTS Price drop/OBO Ohira suita, okudo suita, aotos and unknown

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Nov 6, 2015
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Ohira renge suita. 208x75x33 more than 1000g The lines are not toxic. $525
112237-PXL-20210410-021104227.PORTRAIT.jpg 112238-PXL-20210410-021314197.PORTRAIT.jpg

Okudo suita. 177x78x30. 831.2 grams $425
Smooth, creamy, and quick
Soft aoto. More than 1000 grams 185x55x55 $125

Hard aoto around 2kg 238x72x55 $350. It's around 5k-6k grit

Unknown, it's hard and fine.943.1grams 195x75x25 $250
Actually I do have it written down somewhere. I also posted them for sale about a year ago as well. I can find it.
okudo, ohira, uchigamori, red hakka, chu nagura, soft aoto, aizu, nakyama with stamp, blue tsushima
Also one was missing from the pic so here's an updated picIMG_20220629_140207679.jpg
I'll drop the price on
Ohira suita - $425
Okudo suita - $325
Hard aoto - $300
Unknown finisher - $200

All these stones are great quality. The two suita stones are hundreds of dollars less than what I paid
If you all want to make an offer I'll take it into consideration. Or if someone wants to take everything I'll do it for $1000. If you all want more pictures I can provide that. Good quality natural stones just sitting around collecting dust, it's a shame