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SOLD PRICE DROP on Halcyon, Selling collection 9nine, halcyon, bryan, ashi, mazaki, yoshikane

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Jan 29, 2021
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Colorado springs, Colorado
Hey guys, in need of some extra cash so I'm going to try and price these to sell. If you want more detailed pics DM or email me. This is a post to gauge interest.

In the first pic starting on the right is

The9nine-300mm Sujihiki custom commissioned by me, only used couple of times and polished once, comes with custom saya. Wrought iron and 1.25 $850 (SOLD)

Bryan Raquin- 300mm gyutohiki 300mm xc10 clad, 145cr6 core, touched up recently by Craig from Carbon. Lightly used $600 (SOLD)

The 9nine- Gyuto 250mm wrought and 1.25. Heavy and thin at the tip $600 (SOLD)

Halcyon- 235x50 Wrought iron and 1.25 Thuya Burl and African blackwood. Super fast fun knife. $525 (SOLD)

In the second picture are more heavily used Japanese I used as daily drivers.
Starting from right:

Yoshikane Kurouchi Tsuchime- W2 270mm sujihiki has a decent Aizu polish with chestnut handle $150 with saya and box (SOLD)

Ashi- 240mm W2 suji, probably the most heavily used. $150 has saya and box (SOLD)

Mazaki- 270mm W2 Sujihiki with box and saya $200 (SOLD)

This is my first post, if you have any questions feel free to message, open to offers on all!


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Sigh. I'd be all over that HF but unfortunately (or rather fortunately for my wallet) I don't like how 1.2519 feels on the board. GLWS isn't needed but wishing it anyway 😂 , GLWS!