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SOLD Radiona Breg Fatty Petty

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Jun 8, 2021
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Shreveport LA
Hey all, great little knife from a really awesome maker. I love this knife but it hasn’t gotten much use recently and I’m trying to move a few things. It’s 178 x 58, very light but the extra height gives it the feeling of a much larger knife. It’s 52100 steel and the handle is Iroko wood. I used it a few times, touched the edge up on a 4k stone and put it away for a while. It has a small scratch on one side that was there when I got it, and a small scratch on the other side from my weak left wrist while touching up the edge. Comes with a saya that RB made. I paid $330 and I’d like $300 back, all in. Thanks for looking!
I have also a fatty petty from him. It's a good workhorse petty that isn't too sensitive. The cutting clearance could be better. But with patina it cuts better. I like the knife very much because you can work with it carefree. glws
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Not far off!


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Tomislavs knives are really great. They cut very well too. Whoever gets this for this price is going to be one happy camper