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SOLD S. Tanaka Blue#2 Dammy 240

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Dec 31, 2019
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Philly Suburbs
In the spirit of passing on some of the lesser used items on my rack, I would like to offer a 240 Blue#2 Damascus from S. Tanaka. This is a really attractive knife, and never failed to garner some oooohs and aaaahs from the non-knife nerds that I work with. The Damascus pattern stands out and the hand chiseled kanji give it a rich look. It is a good cutter. Not the best I have and far from the worst. The profile lends itself to my cutting style, which does occasionally lapse into a rock chop, and it is well balanced slightly ahead of my pinch.

Length: 244 mm
Height: 53 mm
Weight: 220 g
Thickness at handle: 3 mm

The handle looks to be rosewood with a brass faceplate with a thin red g10 spacer. Those who know me on the forum, have seen that I pretty much rehandle every knife that I buy. Call me vain, I like a cool looking knife almost as much as a strong performing one. This handle is nice enough that I never wanted to knock it off. I did fashion a custom saya out of padauk, with a brass pin. It was a perfect color match when I cut it, but the Danish oil finish really brought out the red. It is still a pretty good color match, and it is a well fit saya.

It has seen some use, though I cleaned the patina and it came up sparkling, but because it has been sharpened a few times I am only asking $225, which includes PP fees and shipping in the CONUS.

I already have one of these with an Isaiah Schroeder handle, yet I was trying to rationalize the purchase in my head. That saya of yours is a really nice complement to this one and makes one hell of a deal here. I hope the new owner enjoys it!

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