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Dec 27, 2021
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Not sure if I should post here or in the knife knowledge... Recently saw Yugiri stocked at CKC, Tanaka stainless blue one with higher than usual blade, I thought it would be gone pretty quick like other Tanakas but to my surprise it is still there, anyone have the blade and what's your experience? Does anyone happens to know who sharpen the blade? Search does not return many results. Thanks in advance for anyone willing to share their knowledge.
I have the Asagiri which is IMO the same knife but in w2, as well as the Yugiri Petty. The petty is my go to knife, and if I could I would trade my w2 Asagiri for the b1 Yugiri. My Petty holds an edge extremely well, and very easy and quick to sharpen on the stones as well.

Assuming grind is similar, I honestly dont have any bad things to say about it. FWIW I believe this specific range was a request from either Strata or Bernal Cutlery when it first came out a year or so ago.
Yugiri Petty with patina


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Thanks, that helped alot.

Edit: CKC seems to stocked quite a bit, there's at least 5 in stock right now.
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Had it and sold it but only because I haven’t taken to k-tips. Excellent convex knife with very good food release if memories serves. 225 is an excellent size for a k-tip imo. Feels authoritative but TBE.
I have one. It’s a bit of a tweener in size around 215ish, substantial in weight and tall 55. There’s also a machi/handle gap. It feels like it’s got some girth and a hint of convex to it. I have a kono fuji w1 & a b2 funayuki and it feels a little like the b2. Felt good on the stones- Sharpened up prickly sharp real quick from 2k progression.

Yugiri b1 on left, konosuke Fujiyama w1 on right.

The Kyuzo SS is now in stock for 600 at CKC. I’m kind of tempted to try the Yugiri but my Asagiri (sold) was not for me. No real flat spot, the height fell waaaay short of the “advertised” height (51 vs 55). I have been wanting to replicate the Ktip 240 FM I had but slightly shorter
There’s also Hado Junpaku in stock at Moderncooking, an OG Fujiyama at BST, really a lot of good Tanaka knives floating around… looking at the Yugiri tho it seems it does not have a flat spot too, but the 180mm bunka version seems flatter.