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WTB Sell me your tired, your old Carbon Steel lot...

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Mar 22, 2022
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Lost Angels USA
Come one come all...

If you have beat up, damaged, or just have some old carbon knives lying around you want to unburden yourself from-- this is the post for you:

I'm looking to remove the clutter and constant daily reminder of "collecting" from someone who has too many carbon knives that are collecting dust.

I'll be clear, I'm going to use these to refine my sharpening skills in many aspects. Most likely looking for 4-6 pieces, potentially with some variety of knife style. I'm open to seeing what may be out there.

I'm NOT looking for pristine museum or IG post worthy pieces...

I'm basically juat looking for solid or better carbon steel.

But in knives that have age, been beat down, need repairs etc. That you want to get out of your space!

Pleaae respond below if I might be able to help declutter your space or mind by purchasing your excess carbon steel...
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I have a carbon elite Kikuichi Honesuki up for grabs! Let me know if you're interested

I have a masamoto hc 150mm petty that could use a new loving home

@adam_Cullen & @Wa-Luigi thanks for the replies:

If the steel of either of these would look acceptable or 'pretty' to most people -- then I'm gonna say its probably outside of what I'm looking for.

Looking for functional beaters or something with some serious issues... This way I can really mess with the steel and put sharpening/reconditioning skills to the test.

But if the steel fits this bill, im open to em... especially if you have a couple.
It’s either in a drawer or in the sink from my clueless roommates. It’s become a house lay around whatever task knife after I used it at work for a couple months. Hardly pretty, I can send pics when I am home next