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WTS Selling collection; Bazes, Halcyon, Kono fuji, Catcheside

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May 29, 2021
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Sacramento, California
Selling most of my collection, narrowed down a kit for work and letting others enjoy the rest.
Some of the weights are missing because my scale is broken. Will update when I can. Let me know if y'all have any questions about any of these

Bazes Sujihiki K-tip Suji

Used for some prep. Has not been sharpened

Length: 225mm
Height: 40mm

Bazes Funayuki

Sharpened once on a 4k. Used multiple times

Length: 187mm
Height: 52mm
Thickness @ heel: 2.2mm
Weight: 115g

Halcyon Forge Gyuto

Sharpened once on a 3k. Used multiple times

Out of the handle: 5.28mm
Above Makers Mark: 2.02mm
Middle: 1.79mm
4cm from tip: 1.47mm
2cm from tip: 0.98mm
Weight: 191grams

Sukenari Sujihiki

Sharpened twice. Was my go to slicer for a few months

Length : 240mm (9.4")
Weight : 5.08 oz
Blade Steel Type : HAP40 High Speed Steel
Handle material : Kokutan with Buffalo Horn Ferrule


Konosuke Fujiyama fm

Used one time.

Edge Length: 203mm
Spine thickness: 2.9mm
Height: 45.8mm

Kono HD gyuto

More like a petty. Great size for keeping on the line. Used 3 times
Comes with Kono saya

Cutting edge length: 190mm
Height: 37mm


Catcheside - SOLD

Used a handful of times. Never sharpened

Length: 200mm
Height: 52mm


Never used. Catch and release

Length: 160mm
Height: 33mm
Weight: 85g

Takeda Mioroshi

Used once to break down some small fish

Length: 150mm
Height: 32mm
Weight: 116g

Halcyon 175mm Blue Petty
$715 USD
175x41 Blue Petty — Halcyon Forge

Out of the handle: 7.09mm
Above Stamp: 2.96mm
Middle: 2.33mm
4cm from tip: 1.81mm
2cm from tip: 1.33mm
Weight: 155gr

Itsuo Doi 150mm Homura Guren Petty
$225 USD
Sakai Takayuki / Itsuo Doi "Homura Guren" Aogami #2 Kurouchi Tsuchime 150mm Petty

Height: 35mm
Above heel: 2.8mm
Middle: 2.4mm
Hardness: 62-63 HRC
Aogami #2
Overall Length: 273mm
Weight: 101g (3.56oz)
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