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SOLD Shi.Han “Old Stock” Mono 52100 (Silk Pouch/Original “Kanji”) (Price Drop)

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Oct 16, 2019
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525$ 500$ USD shipped/insured Canada/ConUS

210mm edge, 49.5mm wide at heel, +/- 225g, balanced about 15mm forward the heel.

A collector’s item… but also, IMO just the most perfect 210mm workhorse you’ll ever work with.

Couple links to see and know more:

Full Review: Shi.Han 52100 Gyuto

Daily Knife Pics. Any Knife. Join In!

If you want to take the scenic detour, just hit the Advanced Search with “Shi.Han” keyword targeting my posts.


2 years with me, bought new, vintage made about 6 years ago (from shop’s intel they got it in the winter of 2017). Usually I will sell 90% of knives I get within 3 months, and “keepers” within a year. So there you go: I will regret this sale and I will miss MY Shi.Han especially.


Respectfully thinned and maintained, reprofiled to awesomeness, some important convexity always capitalized first and foremost.



Swapped from the back then standard Ho Sheehan once sourced from Japan, to his own Mora monopiece he does now for many of his knives. That’s a bit of an oversized one I requested from him to rebalance the knife to my taste; fitted by myself and the machi gap is intended.

The heel was slightly rounded at the beginning of my thinning it a long while ago, which still just about imperceptibly shows. Part of the reprofiling process… and I figure next maintenance would erase it completely at last. Blade goes quite thinner forward especially at the tip.


Feel free to ask anything you need to know about, but the first link above is my original review of the knife, and will tell you much of everything you need to know about the reprofiling and work that happened since. That’s also where you’ll see that kimono pouch. Pics here show it after my last maintenance about a month ago – except profile/spine, taken around the time of the second link, which was not so long before that.


Meanwhile, the finish is not perfect. Lots of scratches showing. If you want a nicely looking polish on this mono 52100, you need to work up a tighter progression a few steps further than I do, and I’ve long not bothered anymore with that especially where it tends to stick with food.


Performance is awesome. In fact hard to believe when looking at the bulk of it – tip work especially is surprising: precise, authoritative, very agile.


Be well folks!
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God I didn't forget about the pics, and the pedigree... buuuuut I just realized I posted this with the target amount in CAD I wanted to get... TOTALLY forgot to do the conversion.

And there I was, wondering why not even ONE query since I posted it... :rolleyes:😒

I'm really sorry guys!

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