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SOLD Shi.Han 210mm gyuto, W2/telegraph

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Jan 9, 2019
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Bend, OR
Selling one of my favorites. Shi.Han 210mm gyuto, W2 core, telegraph wire clad. I still have 13 knives from Shi.Han so need to downsize a little more. The knife has a gorgeous patina going on it, which I'd recommend keeping on. Unsharpened - original edge. Specs and pictures are below, some nice overall dimensions and profile on this one. Really smooth cutter. I paid $725 direct from Shi.Han for this, and am asking $625 CONUS, $675 Int'l.
W2 clad with damascus telegraph wireTeak and Thin Win Octogonal with Nickel spacer204 grams54mm heel212mm blade362mm OAL