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SOLD Shigefusa Kasumi (withdrawn), Tanaka x Yohei, Munetoshi Bloomery

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and petties, and sujis and…
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Sep 2, 2022
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Florida, USA
Bought a bunch more gyutos, so need to let some go. All prices include PP fees, insurance and shipping CONUS.

Shigefusa 210mm Kasumi Gyuto
Bought from this post:
https://www.kitchenknifeforums.com/...artell-shig-kato-masamoto.66517/#post-1020783From that post:
"Very sparingly used, never sharpened Shig. Original purchase from Maksim, which after testing I sent to @pcpken to re-handle because I have a preference for balance at the pinch. Unused since then, as I have since found larger versions.
Edge length: 211mm
Height at heel: 45mm
Weight: 232 grams"

Knife is in very good condition, looks barely used but could do with a sharpening. I used it to do test cuts on a potato and then applied camellia oil (which you can see in the photos) and put it away in a knife box. I have since gotten a 240 which is my preferred length. This knife does not come with a box, but I will package carefully. Looking for what I paid plus shipping and fees.
Price: $1,160. Withdrawn.



Tanaka Yohei Blue #1 210mm Gyuto with ebony handle
What can I say, total impulse buy...ever do that?
BNIB, still has lacquer, comes with original box.
Specs from CKC:
Total Length: 353mm
Edge Length: 194mm
Handle to Tip Length: 210mm
Blade Height: 46mm
Thickness: 2.5mm
Handle Length: 142mm
Weight: 149g
Bought from CKC in September and has been sitting in its box since then. Hoping to get back what I paid.
Price: $485


Munetoshi Kurouchi Bloomery Iron 210mm Gyuto from JNS
Kind of an impulse buy as well. Bought from JNS in July. This knife is really beautiful but I think might be more appreciated by a Munetoshi fan or someone who wants to polish it. Has some cool banding in the kasumi. Comes with original kiri box and finger stones.
Condition: I removed the lacquer but did not use or sharpen. I applied light camellia oil to protect it which you can see in the pictures. Has been in the box other than me staring at it a few times.
Price: $635 (purchase price of the knife and I was charged for shipping so this is what I paid in total) $560. SOLD


Questions or want more pictures, let me know. Thank you for looking!
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Also wiped the oil off of the Shigefusa to get some pictures, especially tried to find any scratches. There is one spot on the bottom corner of the right blade face that you can see in the images and the video. It does catch my nail. You do have to find the right light to see the scratches, the blade is in very good condition and the finish while not mirror is very polished. Looks very different from my 240.

Weight: 232g
Balance at the pinch.

Was the shig repolished by the previous owner or handle installer? Generally they have a very distinct scratch pattern length-wise and a more Matt finish. This one is glossy and the iron has banding as if someone took it to stones.
That was not mentioned in the sale where I purchased it, but it certainly looks like it. I think it looks great, but it does look different and more refined than my other Shig.

I sent a message to the previous owner to inquire.
Surely the shig is polished. That does not look like stock shig kasumi.